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If you are a channel owner on YouTube, you will certainly be happy to launch YouTube's Super Chat feature. It is advocated to help you earn some extra money from the channel's viewers during live broadcasts, but how do you do that?

What is YouTube's Paid Super Chat feature and How To Enable It?


In fact, the idea is similar to Twitch to a certain extent, where in the live broadcast you can distinguish your response, whether a question or even admiration and encouragement, in return for paying the owner of the channel, which will show your response from thousands of responses according to the amount paid.

Prices vary depending on the amount of time to show the response. For example, you will pay $ 5 for your response for two minutes with a green background and there is also 5 minutes with a yellow background and $ 10 up to a maximum of 5 hours with a red background and $500.


YouTube says the launch of Super Chat is intended to serve both content creators and viewers. This feature is launched in 40 countries for viewers and in 20 countries for content creators since February 2017.


To get a closer view of this new feature and how to enable or activate it in your channel, Watch the following video tutorial make money on YouTube with Super Chat:


كيف تكسب المال في يوتيوب عبر ميزة “Super Chat”



If you want to get all the details, terms of service and whether you are eligible or not, click the link below of YouTube Support: ????????



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