BIL Bir Lahmer First Edition Review

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Social Activism “Small act, Big Impact”

Raqmedia was invited to attend a kick-start event on last Tuesday, December 18th and represented by our CEO. The event was entitled “Small act, Big Impact” and organized by BIL (Build, Inspire and Lead) committee of Bir Lahmar. An attempt to encourage teenagers and young adults on getting involved in social activism through success stories.

About The Event:

The event is a TED talk-like show in which speakers get on the stage for mainly two objectives. They may share their success stories and thus their secrets of achieving a dream despite of all the obstacles whether financial, social or cultural hindrances. They may also present their work in social activism and community serving.

The Organizing committee:

The BIL consists of a group of secondary schools and university students, mainly from Bir Lahmar, Tataouine, who have a strong desire and commitment to social activism and change for a better Tunisia. To have a further idea about the full list of members you can check the BIL Facebook page here.

BIL Bir Lahmer First Edition Speakers:

What is impressive about the guest speakers – apart from their outstanding ideas and background, is that there is a very peculiar and different story behind each one of them. From personal development, social entrepreneurship, cultural exchange, art and music to volunteerism. That's really fruitful as the audience is from different backgrounds and tastes too. That's why everyone will find interesting and relative inspirations. Check the following slideshow to have an idea about the event speakers:

Fahima GuemriPin
Amine OrfiPin
Nasr Eddine SaadaPin
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Hatem DabbouniPin
Sami MnassriPin

© credit : Abdou Jalloul

Our Impression:

The BIL was really an opportunity for sharing ideas and getting inspired for social activism and personal development along with the involvement in the promotion of voluntarism. After all, “we live by what we give not by whet we get“. The event is also a chance to come across active individuals and creative people that are sometimes working individually and remotely in silence but doing outstanding job.  I do appreciate this edition and want to thank all BIL members for their invitation and for the great job they are doing to introduce social activism in locally in Bir Lahmar, Tataouine and at a national level by helping inspire young talents. Looking forward for the next edition, till then, hope this review will be a little push for the next ones toward a better and healthier community where success is within the reach of every single citizen despite the little resources he or she may have.

Now it's time to let you with some of the memorable moments of the BIL talk through these shots.


To share you view on the BIL first edition, suggestions or feedback on this review with our community, we will be glad to read them in the comments box below ????.

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