How to Recover Disabled Facebook Account in Minutes with Latest Working Methods

استرجاع حساب الفيس بوك بعد تعطيله بدون هوية

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Cómo Recuperar Una Cuenta de Facebook Inhabilitada

Are you trying to recover your Facebook account? If you have deactivated it yourself, that would be a very easy task to accomplish. however; if Facebook disabled it, then it will be a very tricky and hard task. For the latter, you will need to follow certain steps that we detail in this post.


Why is my account disabled? Why Users need it Back?

If you are reading this post, then you may have important reason to recover that precious account. Users have different reasons to keep on trying to get back that sspecific account and not to opt for a new account:

  • The account may be used for business purposes. If lost, users' revenues may drop down.
  • You don't want to loose your friendship circle that you have been building for many years now. Some of these friends you may not have any other way to get in touch with them.
  • Your Facebook is linked with other services like online games logins or Facebook business manager or Facebook Ads account .
  • You need to unlock other Facebook services like Instagram

Why Facebook disabled my account for no reason?

Yep! here is the big hassle!! Facebook has been disabling thousands of accounts for no obvious reasons. They are even careless about the growing numbers of  reactivation appeals. In fact, the 2 billion users are growing dissatisfied with this insanely growing desire from the company to include every successful feature or service on the social media market such as the introduction of:
  1. Job portal,
  2. Buy and sell groups,
  3. Electronic money ???? vs. PayPal,
  4. Watch tab vs. YouTube, 
  5. Facetime vs.Skype,
  6. etc…
And as the English proverb says:

A jacket of all, a master of none.

The known reasons that are stated by the company to lock or disable your account are:
  • The user posted content that violated or goes against Facebook services terms and conditions.
  • Recurrent posting of inappropriate or copyrighted materials like photos or videos.
  • The use of custom fonts in your account name (Stylish Fonts) e.g ⟣⃟⸻⚀▞༻༺▞⚀⸻⃟⟢  , ????E♦️♥️♦️Y???? .
  • The use of fake names;

Steps To Recover Disabled Facebook Account

If access to your account has been disabled, then you are left with the official support of Facebook in order to contact them and revoke their decision. After spending a lot of time and reading a lot of literature on the topic, we come out with these three possible ways to recover your disable Facebook account.
All the steps and solutions are well detailed on the following tutorial presented by Raqmedia social media expert @Ezzeddine. All the links mentioned in the video are provided below.


And here is the sample message you can post on the contact box on the first method.
[Dear Facebook team, Thanks for making Facebook a safe place. Recently, You have mistakenly disabled my account and business manager that we have been using for many years now. Please we need to get it back and recover it immediately. And here is my Facebook link: Thanks in advance Regards; Ezzeddine Redwell]

a- Recover Disabled Facebook Account Method 01:


b- Recover Disabled Facebook Account Method 02:

C- Recover Disabled Facebook Account Method 03:

Here you can submit only the types of documents that are stated at the provided link below. Put your privacy in mind despite they claim that your documents will be deleted from databases within a month.Some allowed government proofs that are accepted by Facebook are:

  • A passport (recommended)
  • A valid Green Card,
  • Official residence permit or your immigration Papers.
  • Official name change paperwork if name is different.
  • Copy of birth certificate or document
  • A voting identity card
  • Life or Vehicle / car insurance certificate
  • Your marriage certificate
  • etc …

How long will my Facebook account be disabled?

This a vague question to answer as Facebook is the only part that can carry decision. It all depends on your profile and the reasons you are sacked. However; after submitting your IDs and proofs, you may need to wait from two to seven days. Some lucky users have reported to us that theyir account was reactivated just in two hours, other were unsuccessful at this process.

Important Notes in Account Recovery

⛳ Avoid logging in to your profile until it is activated.
⛳ Do not Submit fake IDs, do not try to fool Facebook.
⛳ Do not use proxies.
Hope this helps you recover disabled Facebook account within minutes ????????. Just keep patient and hard luck.
As Facebook is becoming very safe hehehe ???? to keep its users out at random algorithms, we recommend shifting your business and personal interactions to other safer and more reliable social media networks until a strong competitor appears to set the balance with Facebook.

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