How to Unblock Website URL blocked By Facebook

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No one can deny that Facebook has been growing as an important  – If not necessary  – tool to bring traffic to one's blog, online shop  or website. That's is simply explained by the ever growing number of the users of this social media platform. However, recently Facebook system or algorithm has been very strict in banning and eventually blocking websites for reasons that we will detail later.


What Messages Could Users Receive?

As more and more Facebook users complain about being blocked by Facebook and generally they have received one of the following messages:

Sample Facebook Message 1

“We can't review this website because the content doesn't meet our Community Standards. If you think this is a mistake, please let us know. “

Or in some cases you may receive this alert if you try to share or post the website articles or links:

Sample Facebook Message 2

The link (obviously your domain URL) you tried to visit goes against our community standards.”

And these are some of the questions that we received in our mailing inbox:


  • How do I unblock my Facebook URL?
  • How do I unblock my URL?
  • My domain has been blocked by Facebook, What should I do to unblock it?
  • Why is my website link blocked on Facebook?
  • Domain URL blocked?

Why Facebook blocks Websites Links and URLs?


Although there is no clear policy or criteria on blocking links on Facebook, most social marketers agree on these reasons:

  • Posting links in several groups in a very short interval of time.
  • Direct inboxing of posts in messenger.
  • Having content that is against community terms such us malicious links or spamming.

Which Kind of URLs or Links Facebook Blocks?


In most cases Facebook will block your domain links that may include content that goes against the company policy or community guidelines. This action is carried automatically by a Facebook bot.


How to Unblock My Website URL on Facebook?


Users report that “Facebook blocked links to my website. how can i get it unblocked?”

So next time you want to share a post on Facebook, do consider not massively using the share button for the same article or post. From our experience, we can say that your domain URL should be verified on Facebook. When doing so, your website will have less exposure to block actions and gets higher authority and won't be penalized for posting within a short span of time.


3 Ways To Unblock Domain On Facebook:


First Method to Unblock Website Link URL Blocked By Facebook Using Debug Tool:

First of all, you need to log in to your Facebook account then head on to sharing debugger. Just click the link is below:

After that follow the steps on the following Facebook tutorial:


And here is the sample message you can post on the contact box.



 Sample Facebook Message 3

Greetings Facebook Team! With due respect, I want to inform you that all my website domain has been blocked on Facebook and all of its links. Recently I have received alerts for my website URL: has been blocked on all Facebook and prohibited me to share my website links over my pages, groups and my timeline. I didn't go against any of your policies or community guidelines. I apologize If I have broken any Facebook policy or terms of service. That is surely a mistake. It is requested please unblock my website URL and enable its links. I thank Facebook Team for making it a safe place for all.! Please Unblock my website as soon as possible. URL: Thanks in Advanced. – E. Redwell –


You can ask 3 to 5 Facebook friends to share the link of your blocked URL on their timeline. Once published they will receive an error message that says the domain is a spam, all they need to do is to confirm that it is not by sending a short confirmation message.

Please allow a minimum of 24 hours to Support reply. This brings us to the end of this Facebook hack or tips on how to deal with this social media platform that keeps irritating developers and users by false flagging.

Hope we helped you lift the block on your domain by Facebook.   (3rd method is under test, will update the post soon ☺.)

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