How to See Who Is Visiting Your Facebook Profile?

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The social presence of individuals has grown to a real-like presence, as it is almost impossible that most people, who are in the reach of internet connections or 4G networks, don't have a Facebook account or any other social media networks – if not all of them!!.


How Will You Benefits from Visiting Profiles?


As we all have the curiosity to know who is checking our profiles, we tend to do all we can to get that information. In certain cases that's very useful to know in order to customize your profile accordingly.
Here we speak about LinkedIn which has already turned this feature on but it will cost you a premium account and help you know which managers are checking your profile. However, for Facebook users, geeks have sorted a way out to check who is visiting your Facebook profile without making them know and right from your browser without any programs.


How to See Who Is Visiting Your Facebook Profile?


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What You Can Do When you Know Who Is Visiting Your Facebook Profile:

As you have known the accounts who are checking your Facebook profile consistently or frequently, here are some actions you can carry.

  • You can block them if you don't want to share your posts with them if they are public.
  • Alternatively, you can send them a friendship request or invitation.
  • You can check your children profiles and the people who target them as a precaution measure.

You can alternatively check the Facebook support portal from the link below.


Can You Really See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile?

We need to notice that Facebook does not provide this option and thus there is no official tool and any website that offer this service could be a scam. We will update this if such feature is provided publicly. You can confirm all the friendship requests from our previous tutorial here.

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