How to Get a Free VISA Card without Any Bank Account


Bank Account vs. Debit Card

International bank cards are one of the most recommended option, especially for those who have an online business. Consequently, When it comes to content creators, having access to online payment is a must-have feature that will be a great boost to your success. 
Primarily, because of the ease of such money interactions to carry out payments or receive them. Yet with all the mentioned benefits, some online businesses could not have these kind of card such international Visa card or MasterCard.

And most of the questions that freelancers and online businesses arise are mainly around: 

  • How can I get a free Visa card?
  • How do I create a virtual Visa card?
  • What is the best prepaid card with no fees?
  • How can I get a free debit card online?
This can be explained by the financial limits that some country have. Here we talk about the majority of developing countries. As we all know, online work is highly competitive, in continuous change and most importantly is full of alternatives. That's why we brought you a way to get an international bank account and free card that you use worldwide. 

How to Get a Paysera Visa Card?

Paysera is Lithuanian bank which mainly offers services in the European Union that's why you will need a EU address to receive the plastic card. Besides, The bank is trusted by more than 14000 companies and 4000 online shops.

The benefits of Paysera Credit Card: 

  • Enables you to activate PayPal.
  • Receive money in your account on Euro.
  • Pay or send money to the four corners of the world.
  • Fourth, they get a very low commission or fee compared to other banks.
  • Get your Forex revenues and deposit or refund it.
  • Receive money from AdSense.


So, for all the above mentioned benefits, seize the chance and create your free account now before Paysera change their terms as this is a marketing strategy for the bank to increase its affiliates.


And Here we have made the following step by step guide on how to get a free VISA card and fill in all the required fields and documents.

How to Get Virtual Visa card:



For more details we recommend that you check the official post from the FTC:




Recently, most freelance platforms started offering credit cards to their partners for free and right from the dashboard. We have tested Fiverr and we succeeded to get a Master Card free of charge. Stay tuned as we will publish the tutorial soon if you were unlucky with Paysera.

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