How To Disable Your Website Hosting Plan

كيف تلغي إستضافة موقع ويب بطريقة سليمة وسهلة

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Website hosting services offer a server for your site to be available online. And to get the best service out there, you should opt for a paid hosting services which comes at a price that could not be affordable for most of new site owners.

How Do I Properly Cancel My Hosting Account?

For the mentioned above trends, some clients want to cancel their hosting plans for a bunch of reasons:
  • Low income from the site that does not meet the expenses.
  • High expectation of blogger of site owner. That's why you should know which hosting plan goes with your business.
  • Problems related to domain name if it was not bought through the same hosting plan.Some users confuse between trial or offers and the long-term prices. For example: the first year of the domain name is free then, you need to pay for it yearly.
  • Changing plans in site platform as it is the for migrating to free blogging services like Blogger or Tumbler. 


How To Disable Your Website Hosting Plan


To read more or cancel your plan you can read more here with one of the most popular web hosting services Bluehost:



For this guide we will be using the OVH as an example. Our first step in cancelling an OVH hosting plan in the is to log in to your private panel or manger by clicking on the link below:


Then follow the steps in this tutorial and you will learn how to disable your website hosting plan or cancel it easily. What are you waiting for hit the play button and follow the instructions:


كيف تلغي إستضافة موقع ويب بطريقة سليمة وسهلة

You can check our exclusive tutorials to help your set up your new plan and get your site back on foot here.
If you still have any questions or have other ways to share, we will be glad to read them in the comments box below ???? ????.

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