How To Install Joomla Script In Hosting Servers

Installieren Joomla



Joomla is one of the most popular scripts of websites. It uses PHP language and works with MySQL databases. It is installed using whether FTP or hosting services modules, which makes its implementation very easy to install and run. Before we install Joomla Script, let's have an idea about some of its major features.



The Joomla script is characterized mainly by:


  • Free of charge: which means that upgrades and security updates will be provided at no cost. And this critical for your website to run smoothly and securely.
  • It is also Open Source Script.
  • Comes with a control panel with many options to control almost every aspect of your site interface.
  •  A Wide range of plug-ins;
  • Easy to customize themes;


How to Easily Install Joomla on Your Web Host


The word “Joomla” goes back to Swahili and originally from Arabic language that means collaboration and was chosen after a poll conducted by the site.



Now it is time to get to work and get this amazing script installed and eventually get your website running. We will have further ideas about it through the following step by step tutorial. We tried to make it as short as possible. If you faced any further inquiries, comment them below.



شرح تركيب سكربت جوملا




  You can download the script from HERE and setup a website:

Download Joomla Script Free

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