Corel Videostudio Interface and Features Review

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The program has been developed to help users mix and edit audio and video clips easily by drag and drop features and the possibility of scaling the window of the main interface To fit with your workplace.
The Corel Videostudio is considered as one of the best video editing and processing software available on the market: 

The New Features:

  • The effects became easier and more accurate.
  • Dialogs of the program became larger and clearer, and also has been added many wonderful tools such as Painting Creator with which you can write to the video freely and easily.
  • You can Make the Video albums by the creation of lists of DVD discs. 
  • Easy to use video time editing, easier than ever.
  • Now you can group clips, access soundtracks directly into your music library, and find video tutorials and resources in the New Welcome tab.
  • Add Effect with New Mask Creator and More Premium Effects.
  • Support for latest formats and technologies.



In the overall, Video Studio X10.5 offers a complete 360 ​​video editing suite – editing 360 videos, adding titles or converting 360 video to standard video.


To read more or learn about all the features and system requirement, please click on the following link and download the latest edition:



In the following video we have gone through the main features mentioned above. It details the new Corel Videostudio interface and features of the latest version so far.


Corel Videostudio ultimate 

مراجعة وتحميل آخر إصدار من عملاق برامج المونتاج





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