The Google Pixel 8 Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Is the Google Pixel 8 Worth It? Here's Our Verdict!

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When it comes to smartphones, there is no denying that the Google Pixel series is one of the most highly anticipated releases every year. With its sleek design, cutting-edge technology, and user-friendly interface, it has won the hearts of tech enthusiasts all over the world.

This year, Google upped their game with the release of the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. But are these phones really worth the hype? Let's take a deep dive into the good, the bad, and the futuristic features of these new flagship devices.

The Google Pixel 8 Review: Is It Worth Buying?

The Google Pixel 8 Review: Is It Worth Buying? 3

The Google Pixel 8 is a true powerhouse when it comes to smartphone technology. With its stunning OLED display and fast refresh rate, the visual experience is top-notch, making every image and video come to life on the screen. The camera system continues to impress, with improved AI-enhanced features that capture even more detail and vibrancy in photos.

One of the standout features of the Pixel 8 is its enhanced battery life, lasting all day with heavy usage thanks to efficient management software. The performance is buttery smooth, making multitasking a breeze and handling graphics-intensive tasks without breaking a sweat.

Overall, the Google Pixel 8 sets a new standard for flagship smartphones with its impressive capabilities and seamless user experience. Check for more details and get your copy from the Pixel shop from here:

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The Good: Design and Aesthetics

One look at the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro and you will immediately notice its space-age aesthetic. With a matte visor at the back and rounded edges, it is both futuristic and comfortable to hold. The silky frosted glass of the Pro model adds to its premium feel, making it a pleasure to use. The minimalistic design of the speaker grills is also a nice touch, keeping the phone's overall appearance clean and sleek.

The Bad: Temperature Sensor

While the design of these new Pixels is top-notch, there is one feature that falls short in terms of functionality – the temperature sensor. This new addition has caused confusion among users as its purpose is not entirely clear. The accompanying thermometer app leaves much to be desired with its basic interface and inconsistent readings. It's safe to say that this feature needs more improvements before it can truly be useful to users.

The Futuristic: Software Experience

The true highlight of the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro lies in its software experience. Running on Google's own version of Android 14, these phones offer a seamless and intuitive interface that sets them apart from other Android devices. Smooth animations, attention to detail, and haptic vibrations enhance the user experience, making it feel more realistic and engaging. The always-on display is also a useful feature, providing information such as song titles and flight schedules at a glance.

The Good: Attention to Detail

It's the small things that make a big difference, and Google knows this well. The software experience of the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro is riddled with thoughtful details that make using the phone a joy. From the customizable haptic vibrations to the helpful tutorials on complex features, it's clear that Google has put a lot of effort into making their flagship devices user-friendly and intuitive.

The Bad: Limited Availability of Features

While the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro offer a plethora of features, not all are available globally. This means that some users may not have access to certain features such as the temperature sensor and the new Google Assistant. This can be disappointing for those who were looking forward to trying out these new additions.

The Futuristic: Human-like Google Assistant

Speaking of the new Google Assistant, it is undoubtedly one of the most impressive features of these new Pixels. Described as “more human than ever before,” it offers a more natural and conversational experience. The ability to control its speed when reading articles or controlling your phone with voice commands is truly impressive.

The Good: Pixel 8 Premium Camera Quality

One thing that Google's Pixel series has always been known for is its exceptional camera quality. And with the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, this reputation remains intact. The cameras on these phones are top-notch, producing clear, detailed, and vibrant images in any lighting condition. The addition of a telephoto lens on the Pro model also elevates its photography capabilities.

Google Pixel 8 VS Google Pixel 8 Pro Camera Test Comparison

The Bad: Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro No Expandable Storage

While these phones come with decent storage options – 128GB for the Pixel 8 and 256GB for the Pixel 8 Pro – they do not offer expandable storage. This may be a deal-breaker for users who need more space for their photos, videos, and apps.

The Google Pixel 8 Review: Is It Worth Buying? 4

The Futuristic: Wireless Charging

Wireless charging has been around for a while now, but it's still a feature that many smartphones do not offer. Thankfully, the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro come with wireless charging capabilities, making it even more convenient to charge your phone.

Google Pixel 8 Vs Google Pixel Pro: Full phone Specifications

CharacteristicGoogle Pixel 8Google Pixel 8 Pro
Display6.1-inch OLED, Full HD+6.7-inch OLED, Quad HD+
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 8xx seriesQualcomm Snapdragon 8xx series
Storage128 GB, 256 GB256 GB, 512 GB
CameraDual rear cameras (main + ultra-wide)Triple rear cameras (main + ultra-wide + telephoto)
Front CameraSingle 12 MPSingle 12 MP
Battery4000 mAh5000 mAh
ChargingFast charging (wired and wireless)Fast charging (wired and wireless)
Operating SystemAndroid 14Android 14
5G ConnectivityYesYes
Water ResistanceIP68IP68
Other FeaturesFingerprint sensor, Face unlockFingerprint sensor, Face unlock, Motion Sense gestures
Price (Starting)$799$999

Is Google Pixel Worth Buying?

The Google Pixel 8 stands out as a worthy investment due to its impressive camera capabilities. With advanced AI technology, the Pixel 8 delivers stunning photos in various lighting conditions, ensuring every moment is captured beautifully. The Night Sight feature allows users to snap clear and vibrant photos even in low-light settings, offering unmatched versatility for photography enthusiasts.

Moreover, the Google Pixel 8 excels in performance with its fast processor and smooth software experience. The device's seamless integration of hardware and software provides a snappy user interface, making multitasking effortless and enjoyable.

Besides, the long-lasting battery life ensures that users can stay connected and productive throughout the day without constantly worrying about recharging their device. These combined features make the Google Pixel 8 a standout choice for those seeking a premium smartphone experience that delivers on both style and substance.

Final Verdict

Google Pixel 8 offers an exceptional package of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design that sets it apart from other smartphones on the market. Whether you're a photography enthusiast looking for top-notch camera quality or a tech-savvy individual seeking stellar performance, the Google Pixel 8 is sure to exceed your expectations. Invest in this flagship device to experience innovation at your fingertips like never before.

In Conclusion

Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro are impressive devices that offer a premium design, cutting-edge technology, and a futuristic software experience. However, there are some flaws that need to be addressed, such as the temperature sensor and limited availability of features. But overall, these phones are a step in the right direction for Google and are definitely worth considering for anyone in the market for a new smartphone.


Q. What are the main differences between Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel Pro?

A: Google Pixel Pro has a larger display, more advanced camera features, and improved battery life compared to Google Pixel 8.

Q. Does the Google Pixel Pro support 5G connectivity?

A: Yes, the Google Pixel Pro supports 5G connectivity for faster internet speeds and smoother performance.

Q. Is there a significant price difference between Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel Pro?

A: Yes, the Google Pixel Pro is priced higher than the Google Pixel 8 due to its enhanced features and specifications.

Q. Are there any exclusive software features on the Google Pixel Pro?

A: Yes, the Google Pixel Pro comes with exclusive software features that are not available on the Google Pixel 8, providing a more premium user experience.

Q. How does the battery life of Google Pixel Pro compare to that of Google Pixel 8?

A: The battery life of Google Pixel Pro is longer-lasting than that of Google Pixel 8, allowing for extended usage without frequent recharging.

Q. Does the camera quality differ significantly between Google Pixel 8 and Google PixeProel?

A: The camera quality on the Google Pixel Pro is superior to that of the Google Pixel 8, offering enhanced photography capabilities and better low-light performance.

Q. Can both phones be updated to the latest Android version?

A: Yes, both the Google PIxel 8 and Goole pixel pro can be updated to the latest Android version, ensuring access to new features and security updates.

Q. Which phone would be more suitable for gaming enthusiasts -Google PIxel pro or Goole pixel 8

A: For gaming enthusiasts, the google pixel pro would be more suitable as it offers better performance capabilities and smoother gameplay experience compared to google pixel pro

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