Matomo Analytics Review: Google Web Analytics Alternative

Forget Google Web Analytics - discover the power of Matomo!

Matomo Analytics, formerly known as Piwik, is an open source analytics platform that serves as an alternative to Google Analytics. It provides web analytics services similar to Google Analytics but with added features and benefits for users. Don't settle for limited data analysis. Explore Matomo Analytics review, the ultimate Google Web Analytics alternative, with our in-depth review to unlock your website's full potential.

What is Matomo Analytics?

Matomo Analytics, formerly known as Piwik, is an open source analytics platform that allows website owners to analyze and track their website traffic and user behavior. It provides insights into various metrics such as the number of visitors, pageviews, bounce rate, and conversion rate.

Formerly Piwik


Matomo Analytics was originally developed under the name Piwik and was rebranded as Matomo Analytics in 2018. The rebranding was done to better represent the platform's evolution and growth. With its new name and enhanced identity, Matomo Analytics is now uniquely positioned to lead the charge in empowering individuals and organizations with the tools they need to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Open Source Analytics Platform

One of the standout features of Matomo Analytics is that it is an open source analytics platform. This means that the source code is freely available to the public, allowing users to modify and customize the platform to suit their specific needs.

Google Analytics Alternative

Matomo Analytics is considered a viable alternative to Google Analytics. While Google Analytics is widely used, Matomo offers additional benefits such as data ownership, privacy protection, and more control over the analytics process.

Matomo Analytics Review: Why should you use Matomo?

There are several compelling reasons to choose Matomo Analytics over other web analytics platforms:

Full Control of Your Data


One of the main advantages of using Matomo is that it gives you full control over your data. Unlike Google Analytics, where your data is stored on Google's servers, Matomo Analytics allows you to host your own data on your own server. This gives you greater control and ownership over your data, ensuring its privacy and security.

Privacy Protection

Matomo Analytics is designed with privacy in mind. It provides comprehensive privacy features that allow website owners to comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). With Matomo Analytics, you have the ability to anonymize IP addresses, configure data retention periods, and obtain user consent for data collection.

Installation Process

The installation process for Matomo Analytics is relatively straightforward. It can be installed on various platforms, including Drupal, WordPress, and other content management systems. Matomo provides detailed step-by-step guides to help you through the installation process, making it user-friendly even for those with limited technical knowledge.

How Does Matomo Compare to Google Analytics?

While both Matomo Analytics and Google Analytics provide web analytics services, there are some key differences between the two:

Differences in Data Collection

Matomo Analytics and Google Analytics employ different methods for data collection. Matomo uses JavaScript tracking code placed on your website, whereas Google Analytics relies on a combination of JavaScript and server-side tracking. This difference in data collection methods may impact the accuracy and granularity of the data collected.

Feature Comparison

In terms of features, Matomo Analytics offers a comprehensive set of tools and features comparable to Google Analytics. Matomo provides real-time analytics, visitor logs, heatmaps, goal tracking, e-commerce tracking, and more. The platform also offers an extensive range of plugins and integrations to enhance its functionality.

Changelog Updates

Matomo Analytics has a transparent and regular release schedule. The platform provides detailed changelog updates with each release, allowing users to stay informed about new features, bug fixes, and security improvements.

How to Install Matomo on Drupal?

If you are using Drupal as your content management system, installing Matomo Analytics is a straightforward process:

Step-by-step Guide

Matomo provides a step-by-step guide on how to install the platform on Drupal. The guide covers the necessary configurations, settings, and code snippets required to integrate Matomo Analytics into your Drupal website.

Integrating with Drupal Modules

Matomo Analytics offers dedicated modules for Drupal that make it easier to integrate and configure the platform. These modules provide seamless integration with Drupal's core functionalities and allow you to customize the tracking options to suit your specific requirements.

Customizing Matomo Tracking

Once Matomo is successfully installed on your Drupal website, you have the option to customize the tracking settings according to your needs. You can track specific events, define custom dimensions, and create custom reports that provide in-depth insights into your website's performance.

What Are The Benefits of Using Matomo?

There are several benefits to using Matomo Analytics as your preferred web analytics platform:

Data ownership and control

With Matomo Analytics, you have full ownership and control over your data. Unlike Google Analytics, where your data is stored on Google's servers, Matomo allows you to store your data locally or on your own server. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you have complete control over your analytics data.

Analytics for millions of websites

Matomo Analytics is trusted by over a million websites in more than 190 countries. Its popularity and widespread use serve as a testament to its effectiveness and reliability as a web analytics tool.

GDPR Compliant

Matomo Analytics is designed with data protection regulations in mind, including compliance with GDPR. It provides features and settings that enable website owners to collect and process data in a privacy-conscious manner, ensuring compliance with data protection laws.


In brief, throughout our Matomo Analytics review, it's obvious that this tool is a powerful and user-friendly alternative to Google Web Analytics. Its comprehensive features, including real-time tracking, customizable dashboards, and privacy-focused approach, make it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes.

With its open-source nature and ability to be self-hosted, Matomo offers full control over data privacy and ownership. While there may be a learning curve for those who are used to Google Analytics, the benefits far outweigh the initial investment of time and effort. So why not give Matomo Analytics a try and experience the difference it can make in understanding your website's performance?

Q: What is Matomo Analytics?

A: Matomo Analytics is an open-source web analytics platform and a Google Analytics alternative. It allows you to collect data about your website's visitors and analyze their behavior to gain insights for improving your website's performance.

Q: What makes Matomo Analytics different from Google Analytics?

A: Unlike Google Analytics, Matomo Analytics gives you full control and ownership over your data. With Matomo, you can host the analytics software on your own server or use Matomo Cloud. This means you have complete privacy protection and can comply with data regulations such as GDPR.

Q: Can I use Matomo Analytics for free?

A: Yes, Matomo Analytics is free to download and use. It is released under the open-source license, which allows you to modify and customize the software as per your requirements.

Q: How can I install Matomo on my website?

A: Installing Matomo is easy. You can use the provided installation package or install it as a plugin on popular content management systems like WordPress. Additionally, Matomo offers detailed documentation and tutorials to guide you through the installation process.

Q: Can I use Matomo Analytics on multiple websites?

A: Yes, Matomo Analytics supports multiple websites. Whether you have one website or multiple websites, you can manage and track their analytics individually from the Matomo dashboard.

Q: Is Matomo Analytics as powerful as Google Analytics?

A: Matomo Analytics offers a wide range of features that are comparable to Google Analytics. It provides comprehensive insights into your website's audience, their behavior, conversions, and more. Matomo's user experience, dashboard, and reporting capabilities ensure you have access to all the essential analytics data.

Q: Can I contribute to Matomo Analytics?

A: Absolutely! Matomo is an open-source project and welcomes contributions from the community. You can participate in the development process, contribute to the codebase, submit bug reports, suggest new features, or help translate Matomo into different languages.

Q: How does Matomo Analytics protect the privacy of my website's visitors?

A: Matomo Analytics is designed with privacy protection in mind. It allows you to anonymize the IP addresses of your visitors and respect browser's Do Not Track (DNT) settings. Matomo's privacy features ensure you comply with data regulations and build trust with your users.

Q: Does Matomo Analytics support multiple languages?

A: Yes, Matomo Analytics is available in more than 50 languages, making it accessible to users from different countries and regions. Matomo's multilingual support ensures that you can use the platform in your preferred language.

Q: Who uses Matomo Analytics?

A: Matomo Analytics is used by a diverse range of users, including individuals, small businesses, enterprises, and government organizations. Notably, the European Commission uses Matomo Analytics for analyzing website data and making data-driven decisions.

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