How to Use and Clean a Top load Washing Machine

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How To Clean A Top Load Washing Machine? Quick & Easy



When it comes to buy a new washing machine it is always hard to make up your mind on one easily. And surely the question that would be going on and on is:


What is the best top loading washing machine to buy?


 That is mainly explained by the huge range of washing machines that offer different options and functionalities from the very basic ones to the most advanced and technically smart.

In #raqmedia we have chosen the new Beko top load washing machine that comes with a set of advanced functionalities that you should always try to check and have in your dream machine.


How to Choose A Washer and Dryer!!


Essential options that you should look for in a new washing machine:

  • Full options,
  • Transparent lid to check the process without opening,
  • Economic consumption of electricity – check the energy saving label the best will be A or B,
  • Low noise and stability during the cleaning operation – if you can't test it, you may find it in the help booklet.

Let's now start with the unboxing and these features that you should know.

To have an overview about the installation and configuration process along with a hands-on the different features and overview of the Android player, you can watch this quick step by step guide.



Here is a demo on how to use a full automatic washing machine.


One of the things you should know in order to maintain your machine and avoid any problem or malfunctions, is to clean it properly and frequently depending on your use. Check the following tutorial to know how to clean your washing machine properly fast and easy.




After the process of cleaning, you will notice that your washing machine works more efficient and cleans the clothes better with no bad smell or dirt on them. You can check our recommendation of top loading washing machine from Amazon from the following link:



Share your recommendations on these machines and any issues you may have experienced during the process. If you still have any questions we will be glad to read them in the comments box below ً????????????.

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