The Best Free PC Optimization Software

The Best Free PC Optimization Software


The Best Free PC Optimization Software

Download The Best Computer Optimizer and Cleaner

تحميل وتفعيل برنامج تنظيف وتسريع الكمبيوتر

As we all know, computers have become the core of most of our daily tasks or the medium of entertainment. This puts a lot of overload on the machine. Consequently, you will notice that your PC  is becoming laggy or it heats all the time even though you are not using high resources-consuming programs.

To avoid all this hassle and keep your device running efficiently without risking to damage it, you need to install a program or software that we call system optimizer. Well that's easy then! Sincerely it is not that easy, as the web is full of this kind of software. Here comes our tutorial in which we will recommend you the best one which recognized worldwide. The program is Ccleaner from the company Piriform.

The features of Ccleaner:

  • Less Crashes & System Errors.
  • A Faster Computer.
  • Customizable Cleaning options.
  • More Secure Browsing.
  • Privacy Protection.
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Scheduled Cleaning ...

The Different Editions:

  1. CCleaner Professional.
  2. CCleaner Technician.
  3. CCleaner Cloud.
  4. CCleaner Netwwork.

Now let's have an idea on how to download, install and use the best free computer optimization software and cleaner. To do so just hit the play button and follow the guide.


Download The Windows edition Or the Mac Os version from the links below.

The good news is that you can optimize your smartphone too. The Android version can be installed from Google Play on the link below:

Ccleaner supports Windows 7 and higher operating systems. For more questions or have other tips to share with our community, we will be glad to read them in the comments box below  😃.

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  1. تحميل وتفعيل برنامج تنظيف وتسريع الكمبيوتر


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