3 Easy Ways To Convert JPG to PDF
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3 Easy Ways To Convert JPG to PDF


3 Easy Ways To Convert JPG to PDF

Convert JPG files to PDF online & Offline free

تحويل jpg الى pdf بدون برامج أو تحويل الصور إلى ملف PDF

Do you have some pictures you want to convert to texts? Want to get PDFs with images? Do you want to convert the JPEG format to PDF? Then you have 3 easy ways to convert JPG to PDF with ease and efficiency( the same as we have seen with Word to PDF).

1. Convert JPG to PDF Without Software and Offline:

For achieving your desired format , you will need to the Windows default image preview program. Then follow the tutorial below.


2. Convert Multiple Images To PDF File:

If you have multiple images that you want to convert them into a single PDF file, then you need to use a PDF reader program to combine all your photos and save them as one document. You can download the mentioned software in the video from the link below:

An other simple free program that enables you to convert all types of images to PDF files so that you can edit and modify them. The JPG to PDF converter supports many languages ​​except Arabic, where the program recognizes text In the image and then read it and convert it to text inside the PDF file, and then you can save it on your device and control it like any other PDF file. If you do not have the program yet, please do click on the following link and download the latest edition:

Download JPEGtoPDF (Direct)

Then follow the tutorial below.

3. Convert JPG to PDF Online Without Software:

If all the above seems hard for you or you want to escape the hassle of program installation, then you can resort to online websites to do the task. There plenty of these website that offer these kink of services. Raqmedia has selected two of the best services available so far. The method is so simple just head on to the websites on the links below, upload your photos and click on convert, then save to your computer and it's done! 😉👍👇

For more questions or have other tips to share with our community, we will be glad to read them in the comments box below 👇 😃.

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