How To Make Money Online with Udemy Pros and Cons

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Udemy Tutorial: Create Account and Earn Money Online

Freelancing has become one of the most trending and popular ways to to earn money online and start a self-employed work.


What is freelancing or Online Tutoring?


Freelancing is simply to be open to get hired online to do all different kinds of tasks starting from teaching, coding, tutoring or any imaginable work. An other peculiar feature is the wage which is very affordable compared to usual services on the market.

How To Create an Account in Udemy?


To start your journey in freelancing, you must first create an account in the platform. It takes just few minutes. Follow our step by step guide to properly create your account on Udemy.


You will learn how to make an account, enroll in courses, get free tutoring and finally upload your content to Udemy.





What are the pros and cons of Udemy?


Pros of Udemy

Some of the things that characterizes Udemy are:
  • A huge range of online tutorials in various fields. More than 100.000 courses- even the ones you do not expect to find like cooking tutorials e.g How to make a tajeen ???? most famous one????.
  • Very affordable prices. Free courses availability and great discounts as most courses start free or at a very reduced prices.
  • Availability of high quality tutorials that offer great credibility
  • User-friendly interface that makes it easy to start learning right ahead.Secure payment service with a money back guarantee.
  • Every course provides a quick snapshot of the tutorial so that you have a general idea before you decide to enroll or not.
  • Working way to generate passive income.
  • All the purchased courses  from Udemy will never expire and stay valid in your account.

Cons of Udemy

For all users, Udemy could but be a good choice. However; for instructors it's an other facet of the coin. Here many Udemy tutors advocate that Udemy is ripping them off for a bunch of reasons.

  • Udemy discounts are charged too.
  • Linking back or referring to your domain is not allowed.
  • No permission to access students' e-mail and thus you can not grow your newsletters subscribers.
  • As a course creator you are limited in customization choices.
  • You could get resticted or banned.
  • No copyright policy protection for creators.
  • Exploits instructors hard work to drive traffic and subscribers to the platform.
  • Your courses are Udemy watermarked as soon as they are uploaded.
  • High commission for affiliates if not all of the revenues 87% ????.


How To Make Money Online with Udemy


As we mentioned before, you may sign up in Udemy to learn and enroll in courses. However; some of users opt in to teach on the platform and eventually get some revenues. In order to make money, you must upload your content and must be approved by Udemy team. And after students get enrolled in your course you can start looking for an increase in the payment dashboard figures.

Sign up in the platform from the link below:


If you decided to enroll, Raqmedia team is offering you Free paid courses for lifetime for free. Check them in this post.


Can you make money as a Udemy instructor?


Udemy is certainly one of the available freelancing platforms. Yet, there are obviously other ways to sell your courses. We can cite two of the most known freelancers' selling sites:

    1. Fiveer
    2. Upwork
    3. eToro for Forex


If you are already a course creator at this platform, do share your experience with our community by using the comment section below. Here is a short review of the platform of a Udemy pro user check it here.

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