How to Make Money Fast on eToro – Full Guide

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What is eToro?


Everyone knows the great Forex profits that investors can get but the majority of these sites are difficult to use and you must have experience in trading. Here comes eToro. It is a social trading platform for shareholders to exchange stocks.


What is Copying Traders & Why Should I use eToro?


This platform is one of the easiest sites for one exclusive option which is the property of copying traders. I mean, you can copy someone's deals on the site for free if he or she wins you winand vice versa. But that's not the only good reason to choose it. Here other features:


  • A very easy site with all the creativity and easy metrics.
  • On-site currency trading and stock trading.
  • The minimum amount to be filled in your eToro account to start trading is $ 50.
  • And the minimum withdrawal amount is only $ 20.
  • What distinguishes eToro is the very low minimum you can invest in buying a very small fraction of a share of a company's shares of $ 10.
  • This type of speculative company is suitable for beginners who do not have any knowledge or experience in the field of trading. In this company you can trade in very simple amounts of which you earn simple profits and experience is gradually gaining in order to be ready to trade with medium amounts and then large amounts after professionalism.
  • You can also track all subscribers on the site (about 4 million subscribers) and mimic what they do.
  • you won't find yourself lonely and lost there! Whenever you enter a company profile, there will be a space for comments and conversations from members from your own country and from countries closest to your country. You'll find discussions, suggestions and tips.

How Much Money Can You get from eToro?


From our investment experience in eToro crypto and forex, as we have deposited $200 we managed to get $30 profit by copytrading. For those who have no idea about the profit from trading stocks, such companies are called brokers and have been around for almost a century before the Internet age.


These companies act as intermediaries between people and the global stock market as well as local stock exchanges for a  profits of subscription. eToro charges you only 1% of your profits.

Today, all these speculative companies operate online instead of the old traditional methods of trading that were limited to rich investors. These are the kind of companies that are most interested in making you profit because their profit depends on whether you win. Therefore, it has all the mechanisms that help you to make the most profit possible because the higher your profits the more profits.


You need to know that this area is not for free profit but requires capital investment. The company is also easy to work in because it belongs to social trading networks. You can also track professionals and successful people there and mimic what they are simply doing. This is what I do personally, I am not familiar with the field of economics. Previously, I have never bought or sold a stock.


How to Register at eToro?


Registration is easy. Just fill in the form and complete your profile page with all the required details. You need to provide real data as this is crucial in retrieving your revenues. You will be asked to upload a photo ID.

After registering you can recharge your balance with the amount of money you want. If the first amount you fill is $ 200, you will automatically get an extra $ 100 gift immediately.
Have you decided to try this area through etoro? Register through this link and get $100 free to your balance.


Then follow our step by step guide on how to create an account and make money fast on eToro and eventually earn money online easily. Hit the play button to get started with eToro:



How Do I Deposit Money In My eToro Account?

Deposits and withdrawals on eToro

You can recharge with

  1. Paypal;
  2. Webmoney;
  3. Skrill;
  4. Neteller;
  5.  Or directly with a credit card that accepts online payments from a bank in your country.
  6. Or you can get it for free from payoneer.

How will I get my profits from eToro?


Whenever your profits reach $ 20 you can request to withdraw it through one of the electronic banks we have mentioned before, or by wire transfer, or a credit card that accepts money from the Internet or internationally for example Payoneer card can be used to withdraw profits. When you reach $20,000, eToro will send you an international card to withdraw your money from any ATM worldwide. You can also learn how to get a Free VISA Card without any bank account.

Hope that helped you get registered at eToro and start your Forex and online trading journey. Share your experience or inquiries below in  the comment section as this niche is social and together we can achieve more.

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