How To Make Money From Facebook Pages

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Can I Make Money From Facebook?

As Facebook use has ruled over all the other social networking platforms, its users have billions all around the world from the different ages, genders, hobbies and interests. Facebook has been offering most of the services for free since its launch.

Yet, as we all know, whenever you use an online service for free, then be sure your privacy is on the question. Facebook has always been the only beneficent. Thus it has been growing out of the great job of content creators.
As social media has a great share on generating money, social media marketing agencies have been created to help brands to climb to the top of these platforms.

Easy and Free Ways to Make Money With Facebook


In today's tutorial we brought you one of the easiest ways that these agencies generate easy online income. The method is very simple yet prooved to be efficient:
  1. To create Facebook pages for these brands or local businesses at a small rate e.g 200 $. Of course this requires that you know the basics of marketing on social medias.
  2. To create Facebook groups and work on adding thousands of members and then you can have high prices whether advertising on them or selling them to interested businesses.
  3. Create different Facebook pages in different niches and try to post on them regular content.
  4. Become an influencer and then advertisers will contact you for business. 
  5. Sell your products on Facebook to make money or what is known as drop-shipping.


How To Transfer Facebook Page Ownership:

After receiving a proposal and agreed on the price, make sure you receive your money before transferring the ownership of the Facebook page or group. To transfer Facebook ownership follow this step by step guide. Learn how to transfer Facebook page ownership from one Account id to another Account id. presented by our social media SEO expert Ezzeddine.





How To Remove An Admin On Facebook:

Later you will also need to remove yourself as an admin. To remove the Facebook page admin and replace the owner check the following tutorial. 




Monetize Your Videos with Facebook In-Stream Ads:


You alternatively earn money by inserting short ads into your qualifying videos but you need first to get monetized. If you want to check if you are eligible or not in Facebook monetization, then hit the following link and select the page you want to monetize.

If we are all actively using Facebook regularly and even more frequent. Then, there is no reason you should not earn money from that time spend on the social media network. Start monetizing your Facebook pages and groups to start earning real money and set the balance back.

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