How To Create A Sitemap For Your Site Or Blog

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How To Create A Sitemap For Your Site Or Blog


If you are a webmaster / site owner, surely you are relying on global search engines. If you careless about it or you have never heard about it before, then I advise you not to miss this article and the related video tutorial.

How to Add a Google Sitemap to your Blogger


A fact that no one denies is that all ecommerce publishers and bloggers value the traffic that search engines bring like Google, Bing, Yandex etc…


that is why it is crucial that every website or blog shall be well optimized for these search engines for the sole reason that this is the best and more professional way to get real and visitors to your pages. These visitors are valuable because they are brought by search engines or tags i.e they will read or view your post fully and most of the time they would comment and send feedback.


To get all these benefits mentioned above, you just need to follow our suggested strategy to get you higher in engines.

Use a Sitemap:


Sitemaps were introduced by Google Company in 2005 that has changed later to a XML file format.

When To Use A Sitemap:


It was developed as a way / solution to crawl all the website’s pages or posts in a very intelligent process. As its name indicates it will provide a map for all posts in entire site that will helps engines’ bots and robots to access your content.

Benefits of using A Sitemap:


It is advisable to use it for any website. However; it is a must for sites with numerous pages and posts – generally more than 100 posts.


  • If your site is new or has been on the web for a short period of time, then the sitemap will be a good way to get a kick or a quick boost to let the engines catch your content.
  • It helps index large websites with too many posts and a huge content in a short time, something that would be IMPOSSIBLE if done manually.
  • If your site’s posts are not internally linked, then here the sitemap will serve as a good means to get better links.
  • Now let’s get to serious things and get our website indexed!
  • As your visitors traffic will increase, your revenues will also get boosted.

To get higher ranks and better optimization do watch the following tutorial which is a step-by-step to get the sitemap implementation:

First, here is our guide on how to create a sitemap for WordPress platform:



Likewise you can index you Blogger blog using this method:


If you face any problem, we will be happy to provide help and support.

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