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What is Word Counter?

The Word Counter is a free word counter and a character counter Raqmedia online tool. It provides automatic counting of what you type instantly. Unlike other counters on the web, Raqmedia word counter is unlimited in times of use and length of your text.

Word Counter: FREE Word & Character Count Tool

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How To Use Word Counter Tool?

The tool is very easy to use just follow these steps:

  1. Place the cursor in the above box and start typing your content.
  2. As you type the tool will automatically generate the number of  words, sentences and paragraphs with and without space.
  3. After you are satisfied with the length of your post, just copy and paste it as blog post.
  4. Alternatively, you have the choice to copy and paste your content in the box and get statistics.


Why Should You Use A Word Counter?

As we all know, content creators and copywriters need to keep a close look at the text length they are writing. Obviously, there are important things you should consider in order to produce a SEO friendly article. Here are some of these criteria:

  • It is recommended that your text be of at least 500 words count and preferably more than 2000 to rank higher in search engines.
  • You must specify a keyword and make sure that you make it the major focus.
  • If you are a freelancer, then you need a word counter as the copywriting task is measures by number of words supplied. The price varies according to the number of words or characters.

The tool first appeared in Word Microsoft Office. You can also make use of our other online tools: HTML, JAVA and Google Adsense Code Converter or the CSS Minifier.

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