Fix Ajax Page Navigation Problem in Your Site Or Blog

حل مشكلة تعطل التنقل بين صفحات المواضيع

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Have you recently noticed or got inquiries from your followers – as it is our case- that your page navigation is no longer working properly. Just calm down and don't mess with your blogger template or website as this will be a waste of time and efforts and may result in deleting your widgets or scripts.
In this article we will explain the reasons behind this problem and as usual we will help you solve this inconvenience and the things to do to continue showing page navigation numbering. Fix ajax page pavigation problem!


Reasons Behind This Problem:


As we all know that Google is constantly updating their products – an update that can bring good news in most cases as the new SEO features for Blogger. However; in some cases they decide to limit or shut down certain services such as Google Code services.


Unfortunately, due to these updates the Ajax Page Navigation in Blogger got affected and is being useless for a period of time now.

Keeping hope that this will get fixed soon. Until then you can still fix this with our trick below in the tutorial.


Fix Ajax Page Navigation Problem


Here we will provide you with the fix that took us quite a lot of experiments and time. First, to get things working back we need to stop the Ajax Script in site or blog.


After heading to your Blogger dashboard follow these steps on the video and hopefully you get everything right and fix the number page navigation problems for good!  .^-^.


– Method 1 –




– Method 2 –


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