How to Add Star Ratings Rich Snippet in Google Search Results

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What is Google Rich Snippet Star Ratings?

You may be asking: What does a 3 star review mean? Well! It is one of the professional features, it is ^part of what is known as Structure Data of a website. The snippet is a brief sum up of the web page that appears when you search Google, Yahoo, Bing. In some cases that snippet includes a stylish star ratings feature voted by readers out of five stars. In this post we guide you to get that widget whether for Blogger or WordPress.

اضافة تقييم نجوم بلوجر في بحث جوجلPin
How to Add Star Ratings Rich Snippet in Google Search Results 3


Advantages Of Adding Star Rating in Google Search Results


You may ask what would add such a feature to my blog. Well! It is not an aesthetic and stylish add to any blog on search engines but it obviously has a bunch of rewards. Here are some:


  1. Adds a stylish star rating to you search appearance.
  2. It increases your links chance to get clicked as it builds condfidence on the readers based on the voting.
  3. Accelerates your website or blog crawling by search engines robots (you can check best SEO friendly Blogger meta tags).

اضافة تقييم نجوم بلوجر في بحث جوجل

How do you get a star rating on Google results?

In today's post, we help you get better organic search visitors. The result looks very similar to the Star Rating to Blogger Popular Posts or the Star Rating Widget to Website Posts that we have covered in previous posts. These stars will be displayed under the post URL whenever someone trigger your site keywords. You can have an idea on this schema code for star ratings and what you will get from the following preview:

Get star ratings on Google Search Results to Blogger

Step 01: Prepare Your Template

First, follow these steps to get your template ready:

  1. Login to you Blogger dashboard.
  2. Always backup your template before making any changes.
  3. Head to Template then edit HTML.
  4. With Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste the following codes in their appropriate places.
  5.  Search for the line of code by hitting Ctrl+F
  6. Save your template and exit.;


Step 02: Locate The Code

Now, search <div class='post-footer'> line. You will find it twice. Paste the following code just above the second one <div class='post-footer'>.

Step 03: Add Rich snippets Star Rating Script



Important Notice About Blogger Widget

Note: You can not change the number of votes. The maximum is 100 wheras the mininum votes number is 20. The Star Rating widget script will show the rating that you select from 1 to 5 and your readers can not vote.

Add star ratings on Google Search Results to WordPress

This WordPress plugin supports various content types including the following types of Schemas such as reviews, events held in your site, products you offer and prices. Raqmedia has reviewed the most popular ones. Here is the free plugin that we recommend:


Congratulations! you have successfully added a stylish star ratings rich snippet in Google search Results to Blogger or WordPress. You may need to wait four to ten days for the rating to start appearing below your links. It depends on Google indexation. If you face any problems or find ways to improve this script or better WordPress Plugins, do share your thoughts and feedback.

We love to hear from you ????????.


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