Save Your Channel Now - COPPA YouTube Update

Save Your Channel Now - COPPA YouTube Update


As we all know that has been a lot of controversy about the new YouTube update and this has appeared when the latter corporation has paid more than 170 million dollars as a fine for not complying with the childern's online privacy.

What Is COPPA?

COPPA stands for Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act issued by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). It aims at protecting children privacy while they are exposed to online materials whether video, audio or any other media that track or collect information or personal data without consent.

What Creators NEED to Know About COPPA?

Many content creators on YouTube are freaking out because of this update and are anxious about what to do. This fear is explained by the stated consequences in case of violating the act. So, what does a COPPA violation cost? If you receive such a strike you may:

  • Get fined up to $42,530 for each video.
  • YouTube channel termination.
  • You may not retrieve your revenues as your AdSense account will be suspended.

What is YouTube new policy?

If you are YouTube video uploader then you need to comply with the new update that we have detailed previously. To put it in a nutshell, here is what you should do to avoid possible FTC fines or channel termination.

  1. Head to you Channel Studio,
  2. Click on the new COPPA message that you should have received or to the advanced tab.
  3. Select one of the three available options: whether you want to set your videos are kid content or not or to review future videos individually.

Save Your Channel Now from COPPA YouTube Update:

For clear step by step guide, follow our tutorial and how to save your channel and comply to YouTube update easily.

For more details we recommend that you check the official post from the FTC:

Who & What Does COPPA Apply To?

It applies to video creators, websites and apps which are child-directed. The rules that concern YouTube creators has been highlighted by the FTC after a huge signed petition to clarify the banned content. You must comply to COPPA act if:

  • Your subject matter, video content, 
  • Your content uses animated characters or child-oriented activities and incentives.
  • Use of music or other audio content appealing to children.
  • The appearance of child celebrities or language appealing to children.

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  1. YouTube updates about COPPA and how to fix the received message and comply with FTC COPPA law.


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