Means of Transport Vocabulary ESL Worksheets
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  1. Vocabulary exercises to help learn words for different types of transport.

  2. Means of transport in English. Esl vocabulary exercises: vehicles, transportation and travelling. ;)

  3. وسائل النقل بالانجليزي Means of transportations in English وسائل النقل
    بالانجليزية وسائل النقل باللغة الانجليزية وسائل النقل في اللغة الانجليزية.


Means of Transport Vocabulary ESL Worksheets


Means of Transport Vocabulary ESL Worksheets

ESL / EFL Beginners Basic Vocabulary on Means of Transport

دروس في اللغة الإنجليزية: تعلم أهم مفردات وسائل النقل

In our lesson today we will be help you learn the names of the most common means of transport. These vocabulary items are needed for beginners as well as intermediate students or language learners in general as catching a bus or a train is one of the most frequent and daily activities. Therefore, we focused on the most common means of transportation.

You can learn some examples through our interactive course in the video below. Here you can listen, repeat and simply practice some of the most common transport names as part of ESL vocabulary. 👌 👄

Means of Transport with Arabic Translation:

These are the common means of transport with their equivalents in Arabic:

  • Car = سيارة
  • Bus = حافلة
  • Train = قطار
  • Bicycle = دراجة هوائية
  • Plane = طائرة
  • Ship = سفينة
  • Boat = قارب
  • Underground = مترو الأنفاق
  • Minibus = حافلة صغيرة
  • Van = سيارة نقل
  • Truck = شاحنة
  • Taxi = سيارة أجرة
  • Tractor = جرار
  • Rocket = صاروخ \ مكوك
  • Motorcycle = دراجة نارية
  • Jet = طائرة نفاثة

  • Helicopter = مروحية
  • Scooter = دراجة نارية
  • Balloon = المنطاد
  • Aerial Tramway = الترام المعلق
  • Crane = مرفاع
  • Forklift = رافعة شوكية
  • Ambulance = سيارة إسعاف

Download free crosswords, puzzles, worksheets and flashcards about names of the means of transport for beginners from the links below. This vocabulary lesson is targeted to the beginners and intermediate to build their basic vocabulary in English and help them speak confidently. You can review the most common questions in English in our lesson here.

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