Asking and Giving Directions ESL Conversation

Asking and Giving Directions ESL Conversation


Asking and Giving Directions ESL Conversation

Asking for and Giving Directions - Basic English Vocabulary

تعلم محادثة اللغة الانجليزية للمبتدئين - السؤال عن وإعطاء الاتجاهات

Are planning to visit an English-speaking city or country, then you should think of carrying a map. But most of all, you should learn the expressions that you should use in order to ask for directions and the vocabulary items needed to answer such questions.

These expressions are certainly of great importance as they may help you find your destination without being lost or wasting your time. First, Let us have an idea about the most common English expressions used for asking and giving directions.

You can learn some examples through our interactive course in the video below. Here you can listen, repeat and simply practice some of everyday expressions and phrases as part of ESL vocabulary. 👌 👄

And here is our second animation about common and daily English expressions to ask and give directions to travelers or tourists:

Asking and Giving Directions Expressions & Phrases with Arabic Translation:

These are some expressions and phrases to ask and give directions with their equivalents in Arabic:

  • Excuse me, Sir. Where is the post office? = عفوا سيدي! أين يقع مكتب البريد؟
  • How can I go to bus station? = كيف يمكنني الوصول إلى محطة الحافلات؟
  • I am looking for a gas station. = .أنا أبحث عن محطة الوقود
  • The supermarket is on the left. =  المغازة على يسارك
  • The travel agency is next to the bank. = وكالة الأسفار تقع بجانب البنك
  • Can you help me find the bank. =  هلا ساعدتني للوصول إلى البنك؟
  • Where can I get a taxi? = أين يمكن أن أجد سيارة أجرة ؟
  • Could you tell me how to get to the down town? = هل يمكن أن ترشدني إلى وسط المدينة؟
  • Which way leads to London? = أي طريق يؤدي إلى لندن؟
  • Could you help me find my way to the airport? =  هلا ساعدتني في الوصول إلى المطار؟  
  • North =شمالا
  • Please! How much is the pharmacy far from here? = رجاءا. كم تبعد الصيدلية من هنا؟

  • South = جنوبا
  • East = شرقا
  • West = غربا
  • Center = الوسط
  • Next to = بجانب
  • In font of = قبالة
  • On your left. = على يسارك
  • On your right. =  على يمينك
  • Sorry, I'm not from around here. = .عفوا أنا لست من هنا
  • Is this the right way for ...? = ...  هل هذا هو الطريق الصحيح
  • Do you have a map? = رائع

اهم الكلمات المستخدمة في اللغة الانجليزية 👉👈 الاتجاهات تعلم محادثة اللغة الانجليزية للمبتدئين. السؤال عن الاتجاهات الاتجاهات في اللغة الانجليزية. تعليم اللغة الانجليزية للعرب تعلم كيفية التحدث باللغة الإنجليزية - الاتجاهات  بالانجليزي 😉
Download free crosswords, puzzles, worksheets and flashcards about common expressions and phrases to ask and give directions for beginners from the links below. This vocabulary lesson is targeted to the beginners and intermediate to build their basic vocabulary in English and help them speak confidently. You can review the most common health vocabulary in English in our lesson here.

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Now! You are able to ask and give directions in English. Congratulations and keep practicing for better mastery. Thanks for your attention. Hope you liked the lesson and see you again in an other English lesson in our coming courses. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletters to receive new tips right to you inbox.

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  2. Learn Useful Expressions for Asking for and Giving Directions in English with Examples and ESL Dialogues.


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