Telling the Time in English Vocabulary lesson
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  1. English Vocabulary about how to tell the time for English Learners - Vocabulario en inglés - como decir la hora.

  2. شرح درس الساعة بالانجليزي.


Telling the Time in English Vocabulary lesson



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Basic English Vocabulary Lesson: Asking and Telling The Time

  دروس في اللغة الإنجليزية: الوقت: كم الساعة؟ باللغة الانجليزية بالصوت والصورة

Most of English learning beginners find it difficult to tell the time correctly. In today's post we meet again in another English vocabulary lesson to talk about time whether on how to ask or tell it properly. Besides we will highlight the difference between formal and informal ways.

Parts of an hour:

  • Hour = 60 minutes
  • Half an hour = 30 minutes
  • Third an hour = 20 minutes
  • Quarter an hour = 15 minutes

How to ask for time in English?

If you want to ask for time, that will certainly be easier then telling it. However; you must know the adequate expressions and questions. Here are some examples:

What's the time, please? => Formal
What time is it? => Informal

How to tell the time in English?

If you want to inform someone about the time, then you should consider these valuable tips to provide correct answers:

  • The answer always starts with "It's ...".
  • Use o'clock in formal situations, for example: Five o'clock.
  • Use "past to", "to", "quarter to" properly. (Six past eight = formal, Six eight = informal).
  • Minutes are always read before hours.
  • At 12:00 A.M, we can use "midday".
  • At 12:00 PM / 00:00, we can use midnight..

This vocabulary lesson is targeted to the beginners to build their basic vocabulary in English and help them speak confidently. Now it's time to let you with this interactive course in the video below. The link to time-related worksheets, activities and games for beginners will be available here soon.


👉 Here you can listen, repeat and practice simpler answers to tell the different time expressions. 👌👄

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