How to Upgrade Your Android Version Without Root
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How to Upgrade Your Android Version Without Root


How to Upgrade Your Android Version Without Root

How To Update Any Android To The Latest Firmware

How to Manually Upgrade an Android Device

Many smartphone users or android devices find it really difficult to download many new programs on Google Play store or Apple store and this can be due to the software versions that these applications support. Hence, they must update their firmware.

Why Should You Upgrade?

In fact, upgrading your firmware will make you enjoy several benefits:

  • Boosts your device overall performance.
  • Brings new functionalities and options.
  • Tweaks your system for better user experienc and battery consumption.
  • Fixes some security issues or Android bugs.

Most of devices will notify you if new patches or upgrades are available. Besides, you can check yourself when connected to WIFI. All you need to do is to head on to "settings" then select "system update" and make sure that auto-update feature is "on". However, if your device is a bit old then it may not be includes incoming updates and you need to download the firmware seperately and perform a root to the smartphone.

Now it's time to show you how to upgrade your Android version without root as the latter may make your warrnty void. Here we will upgrade from Android 6.0 to 7.0.


Hope this guide helped you to add more cool options and functionalities to your device. For more questions or have other tips to share with our community, we will be glad to read them in the comments box below 😃.

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