How To Compress Video Without Losing Quality
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How To Compress Video Without Losing Quality


How To Compress Video Without Losing Quality

Compress 10gb Video to 2mb Without Losing Quality

برنامج من أجل تقليص حجم الفيديو مع الحفاظ على جودته

No one can deny that the technological development that took place in the last decades has necessarily led to the advancement of photography and shooting such as cameras in smartphones and professional cameras like Nikkon or Cannon, which has increased the size of the files recorded as the quality is getting better and now we are speaking of 4K videos and 360 degree photos.

That's why as shooting addicted, we often want to share them with other people either for business,  friends or family members - after all that's why we have taken them. Unfortunately their size is the first problem that you may face. Besides, if you do not delete them or you want keep tham as souvenirs, this will effect you hard disc storage.

So in this article we will explain how to reduce the size of the video easily and how to compress video without losing quality. Simply by using your computer, through some easy steps that we will be sharing in the following guide. To do so just follow our step by step guide below.


If you want to get the software mentioned in the tutorial, click the link below: 😉👇

HandBrake supports Windows 7 and higher operating systems. For more questions or have other tips to share with our community, we will be glad to read them in the comments box below  😃.

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