Free Space Tourism Worksheets and Lesson Plan
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Free Space Tourism Worksheets and Lesson Plan



Free Space Tourism Worksheets and Lesson Plan

Printables & Lesson Plans For English Teachers

Space Tourism

Space tourism is one of the controversial topics that will continue to have a lot of rumors as we approach the next century. In this post we will be sharing worksheets that will help teachers deal with this lesson and eventually save time and efforts on how to approach the second lesson of the first unit in the 4th year secondary school - if it is your case. Otherwise, it could be as a support for your lesson plan to tackle the topic in general.

What is Space Tourism?

To be brief, space tourism is an outer-space flight for entertainment, leisure or often business purposes. There are several different types of space tourism that include lunar,  orbital and suborbital space tourism. The ticket of such travels is still exorbitant.

Students should have prior knowledge of the topic which can be introduced through spidergrams, video projections or both. As far as instructors are concerned they obviously should have a good held of the topic and the possible perspectives of the issue. For this we recommend you a detailed article link below.

So here is the fun! These are free space tourism worksheets and a lesson plan, that has proved to be fun and easy to implement, all for free to be downloaded, just hit the buttons below.
We will be adding more activities constantly - If you want to share yours or report a copyright infringement, feel free to contact us through this form here.

Don't miss watching this amazing video that will take you in a marvellous journey around the globe and highlights the future of Space industry.👇👇👇👇

Criteria Details
Level Intermediate / Upper-intermediate / Advanced
Format PDF (Printable)
Pages Three
Skills Reading - Speaking- Writing
Textbook Unit 01 Lesson 2 - 4th Year

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