English Basic Color Names - Kids Vocabulary
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English Basic Color Names - Kids Vocabulary



English Basic Color Names - Kids Vocabulary

Basic English Vocabulary About The Colors With Examples

تعلًم مصطلحات الألوان بالإنجليزية بالصوت والصورة

In today's lesson we will be dealing with The basic and most common English vocabulary about the colors with examples. Must-know for new language learners and that are taught generally in the first meetings.

In this post we cover the main and basic ones. Check our posts for advanced level of this lesson. To inquire about colors, students should ask the following question:

What colour is it?

Let's take some examples with their appropriate translation to Arabic along with the correct spelling.
Some examples include these:
  • White أبيض
  • Yellow أصفر
  • Orange برتقالي
  • Pink زهري
  • Red أحمر
  • Brown بنّي
  • Green أخضر
  • Blue أزرق

  • Purple بنفسجي
  • Grey Or gray رمادي
  • Black أسود


The answer should be:
This is .... (colour).
  • This color is red.
  • These pens are blue.
  • The car is white.

This vocabulary lesson is targeted to the beginners and intermediate learners to build their basic vocabulary in English. Now it's time to let you with this interactive course in the video below. Color worksheets, activities and games for beginners will be available here soon.


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