Car Dent Repair With Vaseline and Plunger

Car Dent Repair With Vaseline and Plunger


Car Dent Repair With Vaseline and Toilet Plunger

Paintless Dent Repair That Will Save You Money

طريقة اصلاح الصدمات الخفيفة في سيارتك "بالماء الساخن"

Starting a day with a car crush certainly would not not be the good launch. That will be irritating as the vehicle will look old and eventually lose value. Consequently owners had to pay a lot of money in order to get it shining again.
If it is your case or you may have parked your car, however; when you come back you discover the bad news that someone has hit you - as it is my case. Then don't panic!

In today's tutorial we will be sharing a magic trick that you may not believe to repair car dent yourself at home and at no cost and within five minutes. You may say I'm joking (^ o ^). Certainly NOT!

Let's start with the things you will need for this repair.

What Would You Need?

These copies has several drawbacks that could be summarized as the following:
  • A toilet plunger or professional if you have one.
  • Hot water, at least two liters.
  • Or a hairdryer.
  • A Vaseline box for the plunger.


  • Wear gloves to handle the water kettle or bowl.
  • Mind your feet while spilling hot water.
  • Clean the toilet plunger well if it was serving to avoid bacteria infections.
  • Do not use the hairdryer next to the fuel cap.

Now, after we have had a general idea about the repair requirement, let's get into work. To get further details on car dent repair with Vaseline and toilet plunger, just follow our step by step guide below and discover these magic trick.

If you want to be hassle free and get your dent fixed easily, click the link below and get a kit of tools from the official store at a very low price: 😉👇

For more questions or have other tips to share with our community, we will be glad to read them in the comments box below 😃.

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