How To Enable YouTube New Dark Theme Or Mode
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How To Enable YouTube New Dark Theme Or Mode


How To Enable YouTube New Dark Theme Or Mode

How to activate YouTube's hidden 'Dark Mode' In One Click

طريقة تفعيل وضع Dark Mode على يوتيوب بالخطوات

Did you know that there is a black secret copy of YouTube that you can  use instead of the normal white YouTube version that everyone already knows? That version is hidden, or rather not known to most users. Although the benefit behind this shift is not instantaneous, you will enjoy the mode in the long term, and you may be grateful for YouTube.

The feature is known as YouTube's Dark Mode:

This black YouTube version was first introduced early 2017 and will be available to all users in the new modern YouTube Design interface. You may see that this color change from white to black is trivial, but it's a really has many benefits:

  • Comfort of your eyes proven by science: many studies on black and white background comparisons have been completed to demonstrate the superiority of the "black background" for the rest of the eyes when watching a video. When the background is white, the screen becomes brighter and more light-emitting, and with a video to watch, the user ends up with a large amount of light, which puts a tremendous strain on his eyes and thus puts them to stress.
  • Cinematic effect for the player,
  • More concentration on the displayed content: having a dark background makes it easy to see and follow the video when it is displayed on the screen, while the white background causes the viewer a lot of distraction.
  • Less battery consumption for mobile devices... and more.

Are you convinced of the importance of Black YouTube?

Then you want to activate it now. To read more or learn about the full specification of the tool, please click on the following link and download the latest edition:

After getting the software follow the steps in this guide and you will learn how to enable YouTube new dark theme or mode in few clicks.


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