How To Delete Files That Can not Be Deleted
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How To Delete Files That Can not Be Deleted


How To Delete Files That Can not Be Deleted

Solutions for the Cannot Delete Files Error

طريقة حذف الملفات المستعصية من جذورها من الويندوز بدون برامج

A solution to one of the most prominent problems experienced by computer users, the problem of files that can not be deleted or undeletable files, although they are normal files (created by system like log files), and must be deleted from the system just by clicking the delete button or delete. In order to solve the problem of hard-to-delete files many users download a set of programs that they think will help them delete those files that are hard to delete from the computer.

Unfortunately, most of these programs do not work, and they may end up creating other bigger problems instead of solving them. The problem of files is difficult to delete. Today we have come to you in a very great way to delete hard and undelete files without the need to use any software program, or download any tool from the Internet.

Among the error messages that may occur to the user when trying to delete a file from the system is that you need administrator's privileges to carry the action. First of all you must check if the file does not contain any viruses as your antivirus program will remove it or deny access to it. therefore the problem will be "could not find this item." And other problems that make the file non-deleteable from the computer.

If you are looking for the way of sending these files to your trash bin, then follow these steps in this guide and we will show you how to delete files that can not be deleted and thus restore more storage in your drive.


If you are dealing with ghost files (*.GH ), you can check this guide for details. For more questions or have other tips to share with our community, we will be glad to read them in the comments box below 👇 😃.

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