How to Repair Your Shoes Easily At Home
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How to Repair Your Shoes Easily At Home


How to Repair Your Shoes Easily At Home

How to Fix Your Own shoes at Home - Quick Money Saving Tips

كيف تصلح حذائك الرياضي بنفسك - افكار تجديد الاحذية القديمة

Each of us has a favorite shoes, and when they become weary or damaged, this will certainly make us feel bad. Whether for the cost of repairing it or in the worst case to buy a new one. What most of people resort to is to get rid of them, simply because they do expect them to be recovered.

So today we will provide you with the way to repair shoes at home in a very easy way. Whether the problem is a sole separation or broken soccer cleats.

What you will need:

  • Glue material,
  • A very thin brush to control tight spaces,
  • Ear plugs to spread glue if you can't get glue tube.
  • Glue tape,
  • Abrasive paper,
  • Shoes laces.

Then follow the steps in this guide and you will learn how to repair your shoes easily at home and step by step. Hit the play button and get back your favorite sneakers or football boots and save money too with these must-know shoes hacks:

Hack 01 for sneakers or running shoes:


Hack 02: How to Repair Soccer Cleats:


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