How To Download and Activate Norton Security Legally
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How To Download and Activate Norton Security Legally


How To Download and Activate Norton Security Legally

Norton Internet Security Free Download 90 Days Legally

تحميل وتفعيل مكافح الفيروسات عملاق الحماية نورتان

Norton  Antivirus is one of the most popular antivirus programs and one of the oldest programs specialized in protection. It is widely known not only for its efficiency in fighting different types of cyber threats but also for its low impact on the computer resources and memory usage.

The program scans your device and search for any viruses or malicious files. Trying This program, gives you comprehensive protection for your device. The program comes with a 30 day trial version. You can benefit from all the different protection features but after the trial version you must buy and activate the program.

Viruses that attack computers pose a serious threat to users of these devices. Viruses vary from those that reside in the device's RAM, from the hard disk to attack user files and penetrate personal data. The user needs to use a program to fight those viruses to prevent infection.

What does Norton Security offer to its users?

Norton has a number of features that have made it the top ten best anti-virus programs for years and being popular around the world. The software offers a very comprehensive system of protection:

  • Intelligent firewall.
  • Internet Protection;
  • Parental protection;
  • Parental Controls;
  • Webcam Protection;
  • Password Manager;
  • Secure Browsing;
  • Safe Banking;
  • Online Backup (paid).

Want to try for yourself, then follow the steps in this guide and you will show you how to download and activate Norton Security legally and get a full features trial of this great protection software. Fight new malwares and Trojans and keep your files and system fortified against any cyber attacks and most of all for free:


If you do not have the program yet, please do click on the following link and download the latest edition:

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