How To Make Transparent Gradient in Photoshop
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How To Make Transparent Gradient in Photoshop


How To Make Transparent Gradient in Photoshop

Transforming a Solid Shape Into a Transparent Gradient

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Many Photoshop beginners are looking for great ways to create stunning background. However; what hinders them is the too many steps and difficult guides to reach a convincing result. As we all know backgrounds are the start of every thumbnail for posts or YouTube videos and they can play a very important role in urging your visitors to check your content.

That's why publishers or content creators must know how to prepare and create their own photos and backgrounds. And in our post today we will be starting a series of Photoshop tutorials to help you be familiar with the wonders and hacks that this tool encompass.

To start with in our first guide you will learn how to make transparent gradient in Photoshop. You will get really astonished with the resulting photos in just few clicks. What are you waiting for hit the play button and follow the instructions:


You can download Photoshop in its latest edition from the official site from the link below for free:

If you still have any questions or have other ways to share, we will be glad to read them in the comments box below 👇 😃.

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