Discover School Lunches Around The World
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Discover School Lunches Around The World



Discover School Lunches Around The World

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أي وجبات غداء يأكل الطلاب في المدارس حول العالم؟

We all agree that good food is essential for building healthy and strong kids especially if they are attending schools. That's why most of world countries are providing different nutritious meals at school restaurants. However, what we will be talking about in this article is the difference in the various ingredients that make up the lunch plates around our planet.

That difference is simply reflecting the diversity also in cultures and eating habits around the world. So what could be an essential ingredient in a certain country place, could be absent in others.

Discover how world students get in their lunch plates! Check all these facts that are brought to you by RaQMedia in the following video:


Which one or ones do you think you like among the shown list or you wish to taste. Comment your favorite below and share your taste with us.

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