How To Fix Wi-Fi Connected But No Internet Access
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How To Fix Wi-Fi Connected But No Internet Access


How To Fix Wi-fi Connected But No Internet Access

Wifi Connected But No internet - Fix Your Wi-Fi Network Easily

حل مشكلة الواي فاي متصل والانترنت لا يعمل في ويندوز

Are you trying to connect but your browser is displaying an error message saying that you have no access to internet. If you have checked your router and wireless options and still not lucky to get through.

Don't worry anymore, in today's tutorial we will be showing you how to fix this issue for good and detail the cause of this problem.

As for the reason, it is caused by the change in your Internet connection options. As you will notice there will be a shift from automatic configuration of connections to a manual one or a local proxy. For the full tutorial on  how to fix Wi-Fi connected but no Internet access check our guide here:


As you have watched previously, the steps mentioned in the video are as follow:
  1. Star menu
  2. Control panel 
  3. Network and Internet
  4. Internet options
  5. Connections.
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