Student-Centered Learning Strategies
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Student-Centered Learning Strategies


Student-Centered Learning Strategies

Why is student centered learning important?

Move Your Classroom Toward Student-Centered

There has been increasing emphasis in recent years on shifting from traditional teaching, where the teacher is the center of the process, toward student-centered learning.

Student-Centered Learning encompasses methods of teaching that shift the focus of instruction from the teacher to the student. It emphasizes learner activity rather than passivity. Personally I think that it is a reflexive approach to the teaching and learning process on both teacher and learner tasks and objectives achievement.

We will focus on these six Student-Centered Learning Strategies that characterize this approach:

1. Cooperative Learning:

Cooperative Learning is a strategy where students work together in a team. It is a strategy where kids work together in a tea. This method offers learning numerous benefits through mixed groups formal or informal grouping learning opportunity where they are required to work together and content areas are varied.

2. Problem-Based Learning:

Students find solutions to real world problems Advantages: engaging context for learning - relationship between knowledge and skills levels of complexity - bring in more problems as they go along.


A competitive way to get kids involved in learning that utilizes problem solving skills Advantages: engaging match to outcomes - adapt for learning variety of settings gain attention. 


A real world situation scaled down for the classroom learner How do I use this in the library? Kids read and act out a skit.


Giving the same information to a group of people.
Present once and it is done note-taking strategies information sources student presentations.


Question based exchange of ideas How do I use this in the library? Start a book club in the library having the kids choose the books.

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