Reflecting On MMVC16 Virtual Conference Presentation 2
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Reflecting On MMVC16 Virtual Conference Presentation 2

MMVC16  Presentation 2

 Do It Yourself Online Assessment with Maha Hassan

Reflectioning On MoodleMOOT Virtual Conference Presentaion 2

1. About The Course:

  • MMVC16: Do It Yourself Online Assessment 
  • August 6, 2016 09:00
  • Duration : 45 Minutes

2. Overview Of The Course: In this webinar

M. Hassen dealt with the different types and kinds of assessment along with a focus on the way we can use technology to assess our students’ achievement more accurate. She offered an interesting alternatives of online assessment websites and services.


3. Challenges:

The possible challenges are:

  • a. Some students will not be comfortable using an online assessment – as this is new!
  • b. Some teachers also need a lot of training to master the online tools.
  • c. There is fear of hacking!
  • d. Some institutions and pupils don’t have access to Internet.

4. Possible Ways out:

I think we can overcome some of these challenges by collaboration among teachers to share knowledge, tricks and tips that will be a shortcut to the mastery of online tools for assessment purposes. 

Second, at a large scale, policy makers should think of providing more opportunities and have more faith in technology as a means of prosperity and advancement and thus investing more money on it.

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