15 Ways To Increase Your YouTube Earnings
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15 Ways To Increase Your YouTube Earnings

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Factors That Affect Your YouTube Earnings Potential

How to Increase CPM Rates on Your YouTube Channel?

YouTube has become a real treasure for those seeking to get a valuable revenue each month. This can be attained only if it is used efficiently and the proper way to generate and maximize earnings not for daily / casual uses of the website such as watching or listening to music. What is interesting in YouTube is that you can start earning money in a very easy steps (you can check our guide here.) and the older the channel grows the more revenue it will generate.

All this is good to hear, however; there are secrets behind this success. As we all know not all YouTubers are lucky enough to reach fame and triumph as most of new users quickly surrender and fail.

In this article we will reveal eight secrets behind most popular and successful YouTube channels across the globe

1. Select A field of Creativity That You Like:

Here there are two things to consider. When you come to select a niche or field of knowledge to your channel you should first choose one that you like and have enough knowledge and expertise on it. Second, it is better to target a field that attracts more viewers rather than a very limited topics; for example gaming is more popular than stamp collection…

2.Select A Proper Channel Cover Art and Icon:

This step is very crucial to your popularity. You should select a proper channel cover art and an icon. Here you must remember that this icon is what the viewer will remember before the channel’s name, as pictures stick easily in one’s memory that’s why you should not change it consistently – only when there is need to. Check our article on How To Add Channel Cover Art, Icon In YouTube.

3. Add Links To Your Channel:

Adding links whether to you website or social links is very beneficial mainly for two reasons. First, it will bring free traffic to your website which will boost you SEO and ad revenues. Second, the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ …) They will be useful to keep your followers and subscribers up-to-date with the new uploads as most of people nowadays are in constant use of their smartphones.

4. A Good Channel Description:

5. Long Video:

6.& Video Thumbnails and Description:

Your videos should display a custom thumbnail that must be attractive and compelling to viewers as this is what the YouTube users see first. Besides, if you do use custom thumbnails, YouTube system will give you higher ranks in search. Here we need to mention that your channel must be partner verified before this option become available in your video manager section. (How To Get Verified In YouTube)

7.& Video Tags:

8. Channel Intro:

9.& High Quality Of Videos:

10. Regular Uploads:

11. Brand Yourself:

12.& Avoid Copyright Infringements:

13. Create Playlists:

14. Promote Your Video In Social Networks:

15. Reply To Your Subscribers Comments:

This will encourage other subscribers to react and send feedback. As this shows your care and seriousness. Besides, it will be served as a feedback to know how progress you have reached and if you are sailing in the right direction.

Finally, I hope that these tips would work for you and find your way to celebrity and huge sum of money. If, so, please take time to share your experience and suggest other ways you tested and proved efficient in boosting your income in YouTube AdSense.

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Dino Redwell A senior EFL teacher, content writer, SEO consultant, social marketing advisor and youtuber. He is also a graphic designer, a photographer, a wordpress and android geek, online translator and tutor as technology inspires him much.

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